The most important element of your landscape is the design. Whether you do it yourself or have your landscape professionally planted, the first step is a plan. At The Gardener's Choice, our goal is to design and build a landscape that you can appreciate every day. We can implement an existing plan or design a plan that fits your unique area. Either way, we invite you to meet with us and talk about all of your landscaping concerns.

The nursery is located on Belleville & Ecorse Road. When you visit, browse our wide selection of trees and shrubs and talk to us about picking the perfect plants for your design. Randy and our staff are happy to give recommendations based on their years of landscaping work. Whether you want to implement the whole plan at once or need to do it in stages, a well-informed plan is the first step.



Once you have a plan, we can move forward with planting trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials. We also install sprinkler systems, sod, hydroseed, mulch, decorative stone, and brick pavers.

Don’t know how to take care of your landscape? That’s OK, we do! If we have created your landscaping, then we will take care of it for you. This service is available for a fee.

When we install plant material, we take that job very seriously. We make sure that all the plants get just the right mix of topsoil and mulch. We make sure the plant is at the right height at installation and will receive sufficient sunlight for optimal growth. We also make sure you know how to take care of your new plants. All you have to do is ask for one of our maintenance guides. If you have any questions regarding your landscaping, don’t hesitate to call. No matter if we plant the trees or shrubs, or lay grass seed or sod to your landscape, we do it right the first time. It makes the job a whole lot easier!

Watch us plant it, or let us show you how!



This is the best part! If you did the work yourself with our advice and recommendations, or if we did all of the work from planning to planting, you still get to enjoy the gorgeous results. Just make sure you get to this part of the process by coming to see us at The Gardener’s Choice.


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One thing which sets The Gardener's Choice and Randy Brown Landscape apart from our local competitors is our 20 years of experience paired with our professionally trained designers. Check out some of our past projects below to see what we can do for you.